Why Independent in 2019?




My "Raison d'être" or why I do what I do, is to help buyers and Independent Watchmakers make that human connection and find for you, the watchmaker & their timepiece that is the most compelling. I like to celebrate and promote this art form.

The Independent Watchmaking journey is one of constant learning and expanding of one's mind; this path is the one less travelled...but the one I think worth going down. It takes enormous discipline, guts and passion to be an Independent Watchmaker. I find it compelling in today's rather all too "homogenised" world, that these bold folk have embarked on their chosen paths, to differentiate themselves and express their micro-mechanical art form in today's horological world.

We, as collectors and enthusiasts, are better off for the Independent Watchmaker. They create their micro-mechanical art for those that appreciate it, and are willing to work with collectors often times to customize a specific watch, or indeed create a watch from scratch.

How fantastic is it to be able to own a piece from a living master watchmaker, and to have a relationship with that watchmaker, where one can gain an appreciation of why they create these lovely timepieces, that we are passionate about.

It is my pleasure and honour to represent them, bring forth information about them, together with a little of my commentary along the way. I've spent the last 16 years, travelling with them down their paths and have come to realise that this way, leads to horological enlightenment.


I look forward to discussing any of the watchmakers or their watches. The enormous joy that comes from being part of these watchmaker's journey, is quite something, and those that have, will happily attest to!

Please contact me with any questions at: tim@independentintime.com or call me at +650-814-4545.


Tim Jackson G.G.